201903 Dear Diary

My stuff is disappearing. With the disappearance of Tinder, I’m less enthusiastic about a whole lot of things. And I know it’s a marginal case: I only need in in Latin America. But still, I’m taking a lot of steps to re-gain that social network.

I’m happy because my laptop functions well, my fingers work well, I can see, I’m breathing well and my heart isn’t failing. And I’ll be drinking a lot of banana shakes, so maybe my potassium will be good as well. And my finger is actually improving. And I sleep relatively well. I’m only distracted b/c I need my girl with me.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Mixer

This was a downtown San Jose mingle (that’s why I missed the class today). They had some great cheese, several varieties of brie. There was a raffle for champagne so I entered and naturally won, 1 out of of the 3 prizes, and then gave away the bottle to a guy, Antony, who I hope is a great connection. He’s in marketing. The Silicon Valley Capital Club was a nice place, hosts Germine and Diane were great, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was a nice crowd.

20180707 Diary

I actually have the task of being more social. As an exercise, let’s not be lazy and actually go out the next time I’m invited somewhere.