20230213 Site Updates

CategoriesIssue Jan'23, Site Updates & News.

Sorry to leave everyone hanging… I too have noticed that even though it’s February, this site is still chillin’ on a January issue. Please be advised that the site to receive updates in the near future, is wasya.co . I’ll transition that one to issue-based pages, like in a magazine. That’s unusual for a sales-front corporate presence website, but at the same time I think it’s a good idea to rotate anything every month, and an issue-based home page looks like an elegant, simple and handsome solution.

In terms of value/cost, it makes sense for me to spend all the available effort on improving wasya_co, which means I should not spend any effort improving piousbox_com. And so it be; piousbox_com will continue receiving minor updates (including structure + content), but the majority of interesting stuff will now happen at wasya_co . There too is a “Site Updates” category, to keep my readers entertained.

Luckily since I offer content creation and graphic design services, on the corporate site there’s the appropriate category of “pretty pictures”, or at least let’s call it that.

You can take a look at the under-construction issue here: https://wasya.co/issue-202302 and that will be transitioned to the homepage as soon as I’m reasonably comfortable with it. (I’m not looking for perfection, just overall wellness.)

This new page is also under construction: https://wasya.co/our-process-2/

Frontend work takes a lot of time! Maybe this is what I’m going to spend my next few sprints on.

Au revoir!