To read: Capital in the Twenty-First Century

A modern book describing why the rich get richer, and how that’s build into the fabric of our society.

I noticed this book because on Amazon, a while ago, it had the most polarized reviews. There were a lot of 5-stars, and a lot of 1-stars (possibly by bots). Someone might have had an interest in not having this information publicly & widely spread to the consumer. I’ve found the book very interesting and informative – I agree with everything it says. This was required reading for me.

PMBA – A review

The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman is a great book all around, and is likely to help you with personal efficiency, self-actualization and achieving personal goals.

MBA as taught in schools has several areas of study: finance & accounting, leadership & management, marketing & strategy, technology & operations. Kaufman in this book gives accurate insights into what goes into MBA education, as well as what goes into the practical applications of such.

The book’s website is and of course you can buy it on Amazon.