Chicago :: Wicker Park :: Bars & Clubs

  • Lottie’s
    • Younger crowd? Open late. Two floors. American (cheesy white girl music)
  • Debonair
    • By far the better dancing for me – electronic, good racial mix, good interior, small and comfortable.
  • The Flat Iron
    • Debonair runs until 2am, and Flat Iron until 4am. Once the first closes, you go to the second
  • Nick’s beer garden
    • Open late until 4am. That’s the good thing about it. A “regular” bar. Two rooms, no live music.
  • The Emporium
    • It’s an arcade. Some live music. There is another Emporium in Logan Square, & it is better. Still, the smaller emporium is right by my house, so I don’t mind going there.
  • Whiskey Business
    • Across the street from Wicker Park Emporium. I never really got into it. I “don’t drink” in the sense that I try to drink only beer when I go out.

Last Call Bar & Grill

Address: 26 N 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403

I think this is my fav club in MSP so far. A very young crowd, but at least it’s a decent dancefloor and the environment.

Minneapolis Bars and Clubs

I’ve only been in Minneapolis for a little bit. According to several taxi drivers and people, there are two areas you want to go out in: updown, and downtown. Uptown is relatively gay, but with plenty of straight people. It’s progressive and modern; good restaurants, good bars, young professionals.

Downtown is more competitive, with larger crowds and more chic places.

Minneapolis is actually a pretty small place. Coming from Chicago, I can see how people would be moving the other way: from Minneapolis, to Chicago to spend a weekend and whatnot. A coworker of mine moved from MSP to Chicago as well, so that is the general trend.

Cowboy Slim’s

Address: 1430 Lagoon Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

This is supposed to be a nice hangout. Be mindful that all bars and clubs in Minneapolis close at 2am. No exceptions, and not much time.