20190110 Market Update

  • Trade was with China is resolving favorably, implying a short-term rally
  • The guv’t shutdown can’t last forever, and when it ends, stocks expect to rebound. Stocks may even rebound earlier.
  • Brexit is a short-term and long-term downward pressure on UK and Europe. It shouldn’t have negative long-term effect on US stocks, although short-term volatility drives the prices down.
  • Overall, I’m optimistic today that the December slump will not continue. Now is a good time to buy something.
  • Take a look at NVDA, AMZN.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Mixer

This was a downtown San Jose mingle (that’s why I missed the class today). They had some great cheese, several varieties of brie. There was a raffle for champagne so I entered and naturally won, 1 out of of the 3 prizes, and then gave away the bottle to a guy, Antony, who I hope is a great connection. He’s in marketing. The Silicon Valley Capital Club was a nice place, hosts Germine and Diane were great, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was a nice crowd.

20180707 Diary

I actually have the task of being more social. As an exercise, let’s not be lazy and actually go out the next time I’m invited somewhere.