Threejs: Make a clone of Tabiverse


The tabiverse chrome extension is a screensaver clock, with several procedural planets, a skybox full of stars, etc.

I’d like a copy of this plugin. One planet is good for now, any map+bump map, any shader for now. The planet rotates, and the skybox full of stars also rotates.

The planet is on the left half of the screen. On the right half of the screen, the text (anchored to camera) shows date, time, details about the planet.

Threejs: Implement collision system


Need a Javascript Game Developer (threejs). My project uses at least one 3D canvas. You should be comfortable with vector math, as there seems to be a lot of it involved. The current task (of many) is implementing a basic collision system: the camera should not pass through buildings. In your response, please answer the following: what’s 59+6/7-8/9? What OS and text editor do you use? Bonus point: when would you cherry pick a commit? Bonus point: what is a normal vector, when would you normalize a vector?