2020wk13 scrum

20200228 Sat

  • cleaned up google storage
  • cleaned up facebook. from 1000 friends to 10.

20200322 Sun

  • Cleaned up some content – this shelter-at-home situation allows me to do some major cleaning
  • cleaned the house, too.

2020wk10 scrum

20200308 sun

  • docker, css themes
  • spec’d

20200307 sat

  • finished reading “consider phlebas”
  • some ionic,
  • some content

20200306 fri

  • being social

20200304 wed

  • Studying react

20200303 tue

  • onboarding

20200302 mon

  • Onboarding
  • Handed BJJC off and hopefully no more time commitment from me on this one.
  • made personal archive more robust, removed some PPI that shouldn’t’ve been there

20200223..30 Updates


  • Assigned a task to graphic design guy
  • reviewing backend work today.


  • handed a piece of work to frontend – getting closer to having a functional app!


  • Client communication
  • Iterating on mockups
  • preparing mock data


  • reviewed the way to setup ionic, and
  • reviewed the way to setup microsites3
  • communicated requirements to two new coders: front and back
  • iterated on “watcher” functionality
  • communicated with a client


  • pushed a fix to WasyaCo that re-allows actually sending me messages from the form
  • Did frontend work today

20200222 Updates

  • More exciting graphics are coming!
  • Did some projections for profit and loss on the TGM project
  • Solicited some feedback on the business plan, awaiting feedback
  • Wrote some more technical requirements.
  • Deployed the next development version – nothing is ready to show, but the team still needs to look at the current version in detail.

20200220 Updates

  • Did homework for UoPeople
  • Wrote a bunch of specification for… surprise project!
  • Practiced technical problem solving
  • Wrote a bunch of code, reviewable on github, for a… project. I need to come up with a name. How is Warbler for a name?

20200217 Mon

8-9-       gym
           social networking, talked to people online (important)
9-1030-    answering emails and scheduling tasks
           cleaned up personal productivity tools; interviews and applications
1030-1130- worked on character development, Pelfie
1130-1-    developing piousbox.com b/c people look at it...
1-5-       lunch and wordpress work. Today I did great with wordpress. 

20200205 updates

315pm - made homepage redirect to homefeed
        deleting a newsitem should refresh cache
        released updated microsites3
530-    started wiring login to GameUI
8-      merged gameui and tgm
830-    and tests run. good job today?

20200203 Updates

  • Did a bunch of wireframing – this is a slow process…
  • Did some mockups – also, a slow process for me
  • Wrote an article about some devops stacks, containers vs VM’s
  • Communicate some devops recommendations to a client – that also went well, if time consuming.
  • Started writing the business plan (and financial projections) for TGM, that went well.