Health Considerations While Traveling


Don’t forget to eat! But also, don’t eat right before going to sleep. I understand that when you come home at 6am super drunk, a cheeseburger sounds really good. But, if you look at

Personal Gym

Portable gym is a good idea. (And I can’t believe it took me so many years to arrive at the concept). It finally came to be when I arrived in Chicago, having left my free weights in San Jose. So I needed to buy weights, but they are expensive, and also heavy! On Amazon, I eventually found a designed product, resistance bands that are lightweight and cheap. With those, and pushing and crunches, I cover most muscle groups. And since the tool is lightweight, I travel with it. When traveling, keeping healthy is very important, and this helps a lot.

I also noticed that it is, in fact, possible to reach muscle failure with these, if I’m actively fighting against laziness for a week or so. It takes more than an hour to do a good workout, at home or otherwise. But it feels great to reach that point, the exhaustion. I imagine being able to imagine not being able to live without it.