Marketing person needed


Marketing person needed. WasyaCo is a software consultancy, targeting small and medium-sized enterprises. In its ongoing effort to maintain competitive edge, several sales and marketing initiatives are carried out: email campaigns, generally improving web presence, running advertising campaigns, and generating organic, viral interest and brand recognition.

This position is for an entry- to mid-level marketing person to perform tasks relating to online marketing. The successful candidate will have familiarity with most of the following:

* creating and running email campaigns
* creating and running digital advertisement campaigns
* increasing brand recognition and web presence
* advising on expanding to new marketing channels
* accessing performance of advertising campaigns

In your cover letter, please answer the following questins:
* what is 12 + 7 / 9?
* how many years of experience do you have in marketing?
* what is the most technically sophisticated marketing campaign that you contributed to? Please describe in detail
* please attach or link your resume

WasyaCo is a fair, equal opportunity employer.

Need WordPress Developer


Need someone to help me make incremental updates to my wordpress installation. The setup is a custom theme and a custom plugin. The tasks are simple, example include: make category view display only titles instead of whole articles; change the styling of “categories” tree on homepage.

In your response, please answer the following: [1.] What’s 4 / 3 + 9 ? [2.] If creating a shortcode, what file are you changing? What’s the php function to register the new shortcode? [3.] How would I add coordinates (two new fields, x, and y) to a post? [4.] Optional: Let’s say I want one category, “Features”, do have different style than all other categories. How would I implement that?

Thanks, I look forward to reading your submissions!

Need mockups converted to HTML


Need mockups converted to HTML

This is a standard request. I have mockups being created by the design team, and they need to be converted to modern HTML5/CSS3, to be used in web-based frontends. Some are mobile, some are responsive desktop. We are using Angular & Ionic to build hybrid apps, however they also get build as PWA’s for the web. This request is for only converting the mockups to HTML. In your response, please answer the following: [1.] what’s 12 – 3/11? [2.] How do I centrally (horizontally & vertically) position a square using flex? [3.] What are your preferred frontend frameworks? How do you write HTML/CSS code that is responsive, looks good on both mobile and desktop? Thanks. I look forward to reading your responses.

Need a rails developer


I need a ruby on rails developer to help me out with a project. The work is straightforward, aside from the initial setup, and I will walk you through the setup steps. The work needs to be done in test-driven iterative style, the datastore is mongodb, and the repo lives in github. You should be familiar with rspec, git, ActiveRecord, erb, and general software development practices.

In your response, please answer the following :

1. What’s 14+6/5?
2. What is your os? What text editor do you use?
3. In ruby, what does #call method do?
4. How do you run a raw sql query with active record?
5. What is a typical location of the bundle?

Thanks, I look forward to reading your submissions!

Need a UI/UX designer to create mockups [mobile]


I’m in the process of revising a simple website and I need some mockups (I provide the wireframes) for several panels. Your mockups should be complete: I should be able to hand then off to a front end developer for him to write hymn/css. In your response, please answer the following:

1. What’s is 3+9/2?
2. What os, software suites do you use for mockups?
3. Do you code in any languages/platforms at all? If so, in which?
4. What is a gutter?
5. What is the difference between padding and margin?
6. What color compliments yellow and why?
7. How would you use a shadow?
8. When would you use absolute positioning?
9. Please provide a link to your online portfolio (if any).

Need a javascript developer


ATTENTION: please use the original communication channel to respond! If you came here from Fiverr, respond on Fiverr.

I’m looking for a JavaScript developer. Specifically, to write in React and Ionic ( and ) Familiarity with React is required. Familiarity with git is preferred.

The job is writing functionality, using agile incremental development methodology, for a hybrid PWA that is published to the web, android, and ios platforms. The website currently is: It needs a lot of work, so it’s a long-term contract.

IMPORTANT: the successful candidate must be a citizen of Colombia. I am unable to hire a non-colombian for this project.

Specifically, the task I’d like you to bid on is, implementing this mockup in react/ionic/javascript. The mockup is for the front page. There is an existing codebase (that I’d invite you to on github, as a collaborator), and I’m expecting your work to follow the conventions already established in the codebase.

In your response, please answer the following questions:

1. what is 12+3/7?
2. what is your OS, what text editor do you use?
3. how do you resolve a git merge conflict?
4. what is the difference between *.js and *.jsx files?
5. What is a context provider in react?
6. List some additions to the language that were introduced in es6, but aren’t present in es5.

Thanks! I look forward to reading your responses.