Tools For Stress Relief

* how to sleep: weighted blanket, therapeutic mattress, eye mask, melatonin, ear plugs, plenty of water, no light / candle light, two alarms, climate control.
* pets, such as two cats. I’m not in a good position to talk about relationships, but being in a relationship should decrease stress. Having sex also obviously decreases stress.
* Good diet – feel great about yourself!
* Exercise. Being fit increases confidence and decreases stress
* Dress well. That improves your appearance to everybody else, and positively impacts everything.

Conflict Resolution Techniques

Conflict resolution techniques
* avoidance
* parasitic relation / giving in
* collaboration / symbiosis

– start a discussion, talk to each other
— alleviate stress by going out together
– explore alternatives
– compromise!
– escalate
– look at alternatives
– put together a strategy: look at what’s causing conflict, and possible solutions
– use a third party mediator

– it’s for the decisionsmakers. Can I still be in conflict if I’m not a decisionmaker?

Innovation vs Invention

Innovation is the process of improving existing processes, tools or products. The result of research and development is hopefully innovation, although it could also be invention. Innovation is discovery and improvement. It is the fuel that drives competitiveness in manufacture, and in other industries. Companies that don’t innovate are subject to falling behind their competitors.

Innovation is a core value of certain advertising agencies, and other digital businesses. An entire value proposition can be constructed from the hope of innovating in a market or industry segment. Innovation often leads to disruption. The result of innovation, sometimes, is the paradigm shift that forces an entire industry adapt to newly found practices.

Invention is the creation of new things, products and services. A new scientific instrument is invented. A process is invented; whereas innovation is hopefully a property of the new product or tool.

Internet was invented. The assembly line, as well as any machine or process, was also invented. All the tools and fruits of the industrial and digital revolutions have been inventions, in the very beginning. Inventing is closely tied with manufacture: an idea is not invented, it is the resulting tool or machine that is invented. Inventing can be a job: design of new things is by definition invention.

The two are similar and related. Innovation often leads to inventions. An invention without innovation is usually less market-competitive than otherwise. They are, however, different concepts. It is possible to invent a machine without being innovative. And if an innovation is not implemented, it can be left without the corresponding inventions.

Last Call Bar & Grill

Address: 26 N 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403

I think this is my fav club in MSP so far. A very young crowd, but at least it’s a decent dancefloor and the environment.

Minneapolis Bars and Clubs

I’ve only been in Minneapolis for a little bit. According to several taxi drivers and people, there are two areas you want to go out in: updown, and downtown. Uptown is relatively gay, but with plenty of straight people. It’s progressive and modern; good restaurants, good bars, young professionals.

Downtown is more competitive, with larger crowds and more chic places.

Minneapolis is actually a pretty small place. Coming from Chicago, I can see how people would be moving the other way: from Minneapolis, to Chicago to spend a weekend and whatnot. A coworker of mine moved from MSP to Chicago as well, so that is the general trend.

Cowboy Slim’s

Address: 1430 Lagoon Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

This is supposed to be a nice hangout. Be mindful that all bars and clubs in Minneapolis close at 2am. No exceptions, and not much time.


I’m a highly technical person and science plays a big role in my life and work, and it’s perhaps surprizing that I mention faith – but it’s true, faith has a place in my definition of personal corporate culture.

You have to do the best you can. You have to be on top of your game, at all times (and especially at crunch time or competition time). And remember the split-second rule: you only have a splitsecond to make a decision, and every mistake can make or break a task.

But what we are doing is developing ourselves, so that we are great. And from that, the success comes almost automatically. So we are not pursuing success as much as we pursue self-actualization, and success is a by-product of being on top of your game. That’s where faith and belief comes in. I’m a highly technical person and science plays a big role in my life and work, and it’s perhaps surprizing that I mention faith – but it’s true, faith has a place in my definition of personal corporate culture. You have to believe that success will come. You have to believe that small actions that you take and don’t seem to receive a rewad – eventually, the totality of your “correct” actions brings about success. It’s a bit of a leap because it’s entirely possible that a sequence of all the correct actions, still doesn’t bring success. You can make no mistakes, and still fail ([insert quite, image]), that’s the nature of the open market. The leap then is the leap of faith: the belief that eventually, the totality of correct actions brings about success. Whatever your definition of success might be.