How money works: Intro

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…which is a very interesting subject. Some articles in the series shall be published before the Dec’22 Issue is frozen. (updated 2022-12-01)

I used to think of money as something that’s in your pocket: you have a few dollars, you take it out and spend it. (Actually, I rarely thought this way even when I was much younger – but this is a common frame of reference about money.) Now that I know a little more about how money works, I think of it as a river, with dams and beaches and fast rocky streams. A whole planet-wide water ecosystem, where water is created and destroyed, and it must flow, to avert a cataclysm.

“Making money takes practice like playing the piano takes practice.” — anonymous, rephrased

“Money is like air: you only notice it when it’s missing.” — anonymous, rephrased

I don’t think rich people worry about purchasing power, when they deal with money. Maybe they are most worried about creating and sustaining ideal conditions for their money; allowing their money the best environment in which to procreate. (Yes, money creates more money, which is a cornerstone of modern meritocratic class society.) Money is about operating in this water-like fluid planetary ecosystem; not about spending it. With this frame of reference in mind, let’s analyze to some extend how money works. Disclaimer: I’m an ape, I know little, and there is a looooooot for me to learn and understand. So please take everything I say with a grain of salt, and verify/correct critical elements.

If you would like to spend your time on the subject now, I can recommend the following two resources:

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