Victor Pudeyev is a Software Engineer and Business Developer residing in Austin, TX and visiting a number of other places .^.

He codes predominantly in: Ruby and Javascript. Less predominantly in: PHP, Python, and Java.

Victor loves to travel, meet people, and push the envelope in the creative and many other aspects.

Victor considers himself a libertarian, one on the side of the people. He is worried about, and takes steps to ensure, long-term survival of the society and our species. has been a light social news & media website for over a decade. We are keeping it around because like trees, good resources should not be cut down, but there is no agenda or purpose that we particularly pursue with this publication.

There is a of of behing-the-scenes development work being done, and more yet expected to be done in the future. If you would like to contribute, consider volunteering at Wasya Co, or reach out to us with your thoughts and ideas.

Have a nice day!

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