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Unhumans: the secret history of communist revolutions
Science and public policy: the virtuous corruption of virtual environmental science
Science and public policy: the virtuous corruption of virtual environmental science


Interesting Youtube Channels

Let's discuss youtube (and rumble!) channels that are interesting, useful, even critical to promoting a resilient world that is anti-corrupt, resilient in face of adversity, and a one that provides happiness and self-realization to people living in it.

Macro Economics + Finance

George runs two channels: his own brand, and the Rebel Capitalist brand. Both are useful. He does a lot of "live" commentary on news articles as they come out, and more importantly, he explains the intricacies of macro economic world structure in whiteboard videos. I found his whiteboard videos particularly useful. He makes some very bold statements. Highly recommended and thought-provoking.

Politics + Policies

One of our heroes. Until the issues he discusses became personally important to me, I thought Tucker is just a conservative voice (I'm not a conservative guy per say). Only after removing my own biases against conservatism did I recognize him for the thought leader and a hero that he is.

An amazing hero! With a huge reach, and we love him. He asks the right questions. He is a front-line solder of Us the People, and as such he subjects himself to many an attack by the establishment. I'm only here to try to give him the recognition that he deserves.

Why do American cities suck so much? I didn't have the words to describe why, until watching this channel. The death of the third place. American cities are not built for people. And so on.

Thought-provoking analysis of important social issues.

Entertaining yet very, very valuable insight on geopolitical and social issues that we struggle with, knowingly and unknowingly. A voice of reason on public policy and why our government sucks.

Medicine + Covid

Yes, I am putting covid on par with the rest of medicine. Hopefully, the atrocity that is covid will awaken people to the reality of just how bad our society has degraded... that we the people allowed "special interests" (i.e. money) to do this to ourselves, our environments, and families.

He was pro-vaccine in his 2021 videos... now he has completely reversed course. He's asking the right questions, and we need to pay close attention in this battle for the survival of our species.

Amazing author, she asks all the right questions. I've put together a blog article of my own describing The Covid Death Jab: a Review. It has been in large part influenced by Dr Mihalcea's amazing contributions.

Very thought-provoking. He asks the right questions.



He's actually a professional journalism, who does a lot of important social commentary. Therefore, I could put him in Politics + Policies section, but then my Entertainment section would be mostly empty, and Tyler is very entertaining. 

Yes, I'm putting these guys on the list twice.

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