GME squeeze

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^ This is how the GME squeeze has played so far. Is the squeeze squoze? There is this resource that has an opinion: I personally believe it somewhat squoze. But honestly, if you ask me, it has very much been a disaster for some people. And as others have righteously said, a failed short squeeze looks like a pump and dump.

I don’t know the future and neither does anyone; but from the point of view of the sheer aggression of big players on this un-level playing field, and the weight of illegal moves done by the short side, I think it’s unlikely that the long side will see another “short squeeze” that’s instantaneous (less than 3 days). Rather, we may see a prolonged “upward pressure” on the stock, since it looks like $80-100 price has pretty solid support.

This is not financial advice, and I hold a net long position in GME.


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