Is down at nights and on weekends?

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I’ve observed that is often down on nights and weekends. I decided to look into that a bit more, using some analytical tools.

Any site that tracks uptime would give you some similar graph. I got this graph from . This doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad. If Gamestop is undergoing a transformation, as every bit of internet knowledge tells you, then it wouldn’t be surprising that they are down sometimes. Again: I don’t think of outages as a bad thing necessarily. It just hurts their short-term business, if people such as myself are unable to shop there at night.

The graph above actually says, there are fewer outages at night than at any other time. Maybe there are different errors, not site-wide outage, but more like intermittent page errors.

Anyway, I’ve created a monitor, and will collect outage data for over the next 30 and 90 days, and report in a different post. Stay tuned! : )