GME: Hedge fund insider reporting

not financial advice, copy-pasta

As you can see, most of things going on with GME right now are just MSM being paid to lure normies into selling their positions. For background, I work in one of the major finance companies, not on finance but with machine learning/time series prediction, but I’ve lots of meetings with lots of people, and people talk. I can’t give away too much info because it may cost my job, but the deep shit going on is over the charts, in 100 years this event will be spoken of. First of all, not all hedge funds shorted GME, this is important because of what is about to happen, some funds managers are actually selling the assholes of their wives and first born sons to banks to get loans, I’m speaking of exorbitant amounts, remember that 35% of the dollars ever printed were printed last year, guess who is going to get a big piece of that ? Why ? They want to be the bigger fish on the aquarium, WSB opened the door for few hedge funds to expand brutally by destroying others. Maybe people here didn’t realize yet what they started, but it has epic proportions and you are living it right now. Second, big hedge funds are partnering up, but this is where comes the problem, imagine that you will try to rob a bank, what make you sure that the people that you partner with won’t kill you to have less people to share the money with ? This is the current situation, this is the waiting, hedge funds, including the company that I work with are waiting for the money, and to see who they can trust. In the end they will all backstab each other, this is the finance industry, you can’t deny it. Because soon as the price skyrocket to alpha centauri, guess who will be greedy to start another fucked up short ? Yes, the hedge funds, all over again, but is far easier to short at 750$, so is just a matter of who will short first. At work lots of people are absurdly greedy regarding shorting it, that was what created this opportunity, but some people never learn. This is why you should hold, I’m holding just for fun and to see this shit show, if one day I sell, I will get the dollar bills and put in a frame in my wall, we are living the WW III of financial markets, now we are on the ships awaiting to arrive to the beach on a new D day, meanwhile some hedge funds are on our side (long, but don’t think that they care about you as a person) coming with the atomic bombs. One risk that we escalated at work is that paper hands (as you like to call them) may sell leaving the other funds not vulnerable to a massive attack, rendering all this useless. Hold if you can, this is a game of patience, soon the direction will change, fucking huge buy orders will come and they will artificially inflate the price while other funds will have to think fast on get bankrup sooner, or be bankrupt later. Can’t say much, but few funds already gave their CEOs and managers some quite fat bonuses, why ? This is the last song, last dance, they are looting the ship before it sinks. You have no reason to believe in me, I’m a random guy on the internet, but pay attention to the fucking events that are going on, and you will understand that this is much bigger than just┬ámaking few bucks. If you put all of this together, you will see that the silence of operations (see the fucking low volume) means the silence before the storm. Wait to see the news of hedge fund managers hanging themselves

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