Reddit is basically Donald Trump for the Media (not a political post)



The media hates us, but can’t stop doing stories on us because we are driving big traffic to their stories.

The media makes money on Ad Revenue, sponsorships, etc. and in the case of Reddit and Stocks, we give them great stories of success, loss, and most importantly we drive their current narratives. The more clicks, the more views, the more ad revenue. And as for the sponsorships, well, we know who is sponsoring them (cough Melvin cough).

The moral of the story is that when Trump was in the news, he was almost always portrayed in a bad way. The media would edit and hack up video and sound clips to make him sound as bad as possible, because their “Sponsors” (cough, dnc, cough) paid them to do so. This is not a political post. I’m tying this together, I promise.

For the stocks, they’ve done nothing but showcase reddit in the worst light possible. They take comments out of context. They take Roaring Kitty and turn him into some ringleader of the underground poor people revolution. They take our stocks (aka our money) and FUD the dog shit out of them. They are paid to do so. And covering us, and the stocks is paid for by the sponsors and the ad revenue they are getting from everyone going onto Jimbo Lamer’s show to see what he says next. They get revenue from the increased views on their twitter, and other social medias. That’s their business, and they are using us like we are using the hedgies right now.

All of the media should be discounted completely because none of them are unbiased and they barely ever report actual news. I’ve gotten more news from the window lickers on this sub and WSB than I have from CNBC. They have repeatedly pushed stocks that they say are the current “Reddit” meme stock, only for us to find out that no, we never pushed those stocks, but guess who the top long positions were held by? Melvin. Citadel. etc.

RKT I believe is one of those fake stocks they pushed. Sure, people hopped in and made money off of the FOMO other people had. But that took money out of GME and that was the whole point. The hedge hogs are trying to push people out of GME because thats the only way they can cover. They can’t cover if we don’t sell. So they double up and “Hedge” their bets by going long on random shit, and then having their sponsoree’s in the media push those fake stocks. Literal market manipulation.

TLDR: We are driving views and ad revenue to the media. The media is being paid by sponsors such as Citadel to push narratives such as RKT and SLV. The media has to cover us, and they are only going to do it in the most controversial ways. We know now (some of us have known since 2016) that they are fake as fuuuuck. Stop buying in to what they are saying. They have so many more reasons to push fake stories than real ones. They will take your post out of context. They will take your comment out of context. And they will keep pushing fake narratives as long as they have daddy issues (with the hedgies).

(EDIT): Lol look how many people are still in denial. DT was the target of Reddit and the media. Now the media has turned against YOU. That’s the fucking point, you crayon munchers. Stabbed in the back by the lying sacks of shit. Classic scapegoat shit. Reddit, us, we are now the enemy, but that’s what makes them money. They always have to have a scapegoat to talk shit about. That’s how the media works. Get with the program idiots.

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