Newly appointed SEC enforcement chief resigns unexpectedly :: Alex Oh quits after judge criticises her conduct as an attorney representing ExxonMobil

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May, or may not be related to our cause. You can probably read the article but if not, here are the first couple paragraphs:

The head of enforcement at the US markets regulator has quit just days after being appointed, following criticism from a judge about her conduct during her previous work for ExxonMobil as a corporate lawyer.

Alex Oh announced on Wednesday that she would resign as enforcement director of the Securities and Exchange Commission only six days after being appointed, citing “personal reasons”.

But in an email seen by the Financial Times, she told Gary Gensler, the recently confirmed head of the SEC, her resignation was because of “a development [which] arose this week in one of the cases on which I worked while still in private law practice”.

FT says this is a “blow” to Gensler, because she was appointed by him in the first place. Bearish.

This could be the politics playing out. Whatever GG wants to accomplish, I’m sure there are forced working against him. Oh quit, arguably, to take focus away from opposition of her appointment.

In any case. We shall certainly see how this will pan out.

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