The Blanderson Snooper Index


Very useful info, who is this guy?! Is he a professional? I refuse to believe that since there are professionals on the other side, there aren’t professionals on our side as well. In any case, his “ultimate wargame” DD is worth a read for me. (The DD is one of the best parts of reddit, the other being the camaraderie and the feeling of belonging). Without further ado, you can read submissions by Blanderson from his profile, here:

See, he says it himself:

  1. ALL of the guiding DD in our communities is being produced by shills, both Good and Bad, as weapons in the proxy war.

He might be alluding to himself as well. I don’t know how he has the time to work on information retrieval for months on end.

Standard Disclaimer: Never trust anyone on the internet.

Agreed, as well. Always verify as much as you can, and if someone gets upset at you for verifying or pointing out inconsistencies, you know what side they are on.

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