iClever IC-BK-05 Keyboard Review

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I was looking for the shortcut to “tab backwards” the browser tabs with my keyboard (hint: I don’t think you can), came across some reviews and decided to write my own. I guess I got triggered by a reviewer saying it has a “less cramped layout”, when it’s a full-sized keyboard in every dimension.

It’s a bit pricey at like $50, but overall I very much recommend it.

This keyboard is one of really cool gadgets you can own, it folds in a cool way, it’s got three colors for backlight (blue, red, green), and is really a full-size keyboard, which is nice.

The pouch it comes with is perfect for a trackpad. Since as a professional if you’re carrying a keyboard you’re likely to carry a trackpad as well, I guarantee you that the pouch is just perfect. For both old and new (slightly larger) track pads.

The alternative to this keyboard is the official Apple keyboard. So, the competitor (the Apple keyboard) is nice, has more pleasant key travel IMO, but comes with its own disadvantages:

  • The Apple bluetooth keyboard is larger and doesn’t fold
  • No backlight! This was almost a deal-breaker for me
  • More expensive at like $80
  • Don’t forget to buy a cool fake-leather travel sleeve for your Apple keyboard!

For a PC laptop, I do not hesitate to recommend IC BK 05 overall. For a mac, I unfortunately have to give the official keyboard the first place, and this one, the second. Let me explain why.

The key mappings… That’s the only reason why this keyboard isn’t on top of the world. Even though the layout is full-size, the mapping is different from a mac keyboard, and that means you’ll have to get used to two mappings, if you’re using it with a mac. (And I don’t think there is a choice, everyone uses macs.) The mapping problems are:

  • ESC key is actually Fn+ESC, maybe there is a setting to change that, but I have to literally press 2 keys to send ESC. This is bad.
  • WIN and ALT keys are switched around, so for copy-paste (COMMAND-C, COMMAND-V) you have to press WIN-C, WIN-V which is different from the mac, and therefore annoying.
  • No cycling browser tabs backwards : (
  • I’m sure there are couple other inconsistencies that I haven’t noticed yet

So there you have it. Overall, an excellent keyboard, that comes with the warning that you’ll have to learn its own layout. Which isn’t terrible, just not fantastic. As a reward you get the coolest gadget ever.

One more note:  There is the ic-bk-03 keyboard, a smaller lighter version. DO NOT GET IT! It’s smaller and cheaper, but the layout is completely re-done to accommodate the smaller size, and it’s just not worth it. We (professionals) want the full-size layout that’s as close to the mac keyboard as you can get it. We don’t cheap-out on inconvenient layouts, it’s not worth our time.

Below as comparisons of ic-bk-05 to an apple bluetooth keyboard (the old one), and to the ic-bk-03 (too convoluted for professionals). Cheers!

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