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I have been compiling, organizing, and archiving relevant GME content on Github since early 2021. Below is a list of some of the most important due diligence created by apes with many more wrinkles than I.

For new and curious apes that stumble upon wikAPEdia, I encourage you to read the content from the source site. There are many apes who have worked tirelessly to create their posts and deserve your upvote!

1. Overview

I am not a financial advisor, nor is this financial advise. I’m just an ape who has OCD and likes to organize things.

I realize that the table below does not entail all serious or important DD. If there’s content that you think should be added, please let me know.

2. Resources

Title Author
House of Cards Series u/atobitt
Walkin’ Like a Duck Talkin’ Like a Duck u/atobitt
Citadel Has No Clothes u/atobitt
The EVERYTHING Short u/atobitt
Chaos Theory Series u/sharkbaitlol
Danger Zone Series u/Criand
Naked Shorting Scam Series u/broccaaa
Why We Are Trading Sideways Series u/c-digs
Compilation of Market Manipulation Tactics u/Golden_D9
Go / No Launch Checklist u/nothingbuttherainsir
We’re All Fucked u/CoffeeLaxative
In Death by 1000 Cuts, SHF Just Received their 999 Cut u/No1Important_4real
TLDR of Regulations u/MATTATI2OO5
Mother of All Short Squeezes Thesis u/HCMF_MaceFace
Hank’s Big Bang: Quant Apes Glitch the Simulation u/HomeDepotHank69
The Bigger Short u/Criand
Definitive Guide about Naked Shorting u/sharkbaitlol
Fed is Pinned into a Corner from 2008 Can-Kicking u/Criand
The Long Con u/Con101smd
Through the Looking Glass u/Con101smd (?)
GME Masters’ Guide u/Blanderson_Snooper

For more important DD and other relevant GME content, check out wikAPEdia!

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