A Cyclical History of Tomfuckery in GME: Part 1


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I am not a financial advisor. IRL, I’m an engineer with a strong stats background who spends too much time on the internet.

Aight. So, shit is about to get real real here. Buckle up. Hold onto your tendies. Keep your hands diamond, your balls titanium and your butthole clenched.

Background History

Some time ago, I noticed a repeating trend with the GME share price. This was the image was from that post. Since people often made the comment about needing more data to prove if shit was going down, I decided to provide it.


A History of C***-KEN ({°}) and McDICK 8==D~~

Before I go too further, I want to identify a few key time frames. One is the Citadel Unusual Number of Tomfuckery Knavish Economy of Nakedness era occurring in the earlier years of GME (~2008), and Melvin’s Constant Decreasing Intentional Current Kbullshit era (~2015), which I will refer to as C***-KEN and McDICK respectfully. I have so kindly made a graphical representation of this for your viewing pleasure. Periodically, some of the dates have not been presented for formatting and scaling purposes (and because length doesn’t matter, and as a woman, I have no idea what 6 inches really is).


The C*** KEN era

Looking in to the past and the SEC website, Citadel started to place married options in the fucking hundred and thousands starting back in like 2008. (For this table, I stopped consolidating data from the SEC website about 2009 because it’s a bitch and I’m half lazy.)


How fucking bad can this get? Like…. Really? IDK. Let’s look at the GME close, GME FTD, and VIX close starting when the FTD was first recorded on 10/12/2005.


Hmm…. It looks as if shit got real real in late 2008 when the little red dots turned into a stream of menstrual blood basically when GME was getting a bunch of FTD’s on the rag, I mean reg.


Wasn’t Citadel first recorded to fuck shit up in 2008Q3?


What other fuckery happened around this time?! How fucking bad can this get? Like…. Really? IDK, man. Let’s look at a range of values from 01/01/2007 to 12/31/2010 to look at comparing values and also add some lines to show where 03/31/2008 and 09/30/2009 are located. It also looks inverse so let’s throw in a 1 / VIX close into that group.


Want to know why I clearly have identified the location of the clit in this blue waffle?!


This is why. Right around 11/21/2008, VIX had a high that will not be seen again until 2020.


It would thus be inferred that there is a STRONG Fucking correlation of the inverse VIX to the C***-KEN.


In May 2014 (circled within the first blue ball), GME short interest was noted to be markedly increased from ~18% to 26%.


This value increased from ~25% to 32% in July.


Per the SEC quarterly filing, McDICK entered around the 2nd blue ball.



Here is even the call and put volume of by year to show the number of marriages going on:


From the OBV, it doesn’t really look like it’s retail. The OBV (blue) pretty fucking much remained the same (if not trended a wee bit up) while the share price (black) dropped like hot sauce. Looks a lot like what we’ve been seeing now while we have been holding it in and prairie dogging it until we hit MOASS.


So…. Like WTF happened in 2019?

The numbers of shares dropped by a shit ton. This is why we see a drastic dip in the OBV that was presented in the beginning.

To be continued

Images speak louder than words and reddit has a cap on that. So here it part 2.

part 1 tweet

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