Ilustration: Construct1 (My Base)


Let’s continue illustrating these “locations” for a location discovery website. The next location is called “Construct 1”.

We’re looking inside a house. The shape is a geodesic dome (references below), three stories but only the 1st floor is visible.

  • road to the horizon and a car parked by the house. The point where the road meets the horizon is clickable (red glow) with label “Go Back”. The car is also clickable (red glow) with label “Go Back”.
  •  a bookshelf that is clickable, labeled “Bookshelf & Resources”.
  • A coffee table and a projector projecting blank white screen on the wall. On the coffee table is a remote, clickable and labeled “Content Discovery 4 TV & Streaming”
  • A spiral stair case on the left, to go to the second floor.
  • An ergonomic workstation in the front (it should be bigger than I drew it). There is a dude sitting in the ergonomic chair.
    • The laptop is clickable with label “Trading”
    • The dude in the chair is clickable with the label “Dailies”

Since navigation is replicated outside of the illustration, I will also need icons for some links (and for some others I’ll use icons from a library). These can be the same images as layers in the illustration, but delivered as separate files. The icons should be 100x100px. The icons are:

  • Laptop
  • Dude in the chair
  • Painting on the wall

Since this is happening on a moon, there is no atmosphere, and little light.

Two more mood, space and color references:

Geodesic dome references:

^ note the entrance to one of the domes. We want to add a two-car garage, that looks like that.

On the right, let’s have a big crater that’s not filled with anything. Instead of a sea we’ll have this dry sea.

Here is an example of how I want *the inside of a building floor* to look like. Objects inside the rooms will be interactive.

There is another base in the distance. You don’t have to draw it right now but that’s where the road leads to.

Here are some references of moon craters and surface:

Leave plenty of empty space everywhere! Equipment and other elements will be added.


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