Illustration: praying mantis in space & Equip room



The praying mantis *may* need a space suit, but not necessarily. None of this is real (it’s digital, anyway) and if we have a cloud in space we can assume an atmosphere. This praying mantis is obviously an alien so he may not have normal oxygen requirements. Or maybe he does, if it makes him more cool. Anyway, I’d like an illustration of a praying mantis. He’ll be in space, on my moon station.

Along with the squid, the cloud and other bodies, this one will be able to be equipped by the users of the platform.


This scene is the Equip room. This is indoors, inside Construct 0. As a platform user, you walk into this room to equip one of the bodies.

So a bunch of bodies are “stored” alongside the walls.

This isn’t a very large room! I originally had it as merely a closet, but of course it would be larger than that.

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