“It is obvious that some of these market makers trading the GSEs are dealing in counterfeit stock. The NYSE, FINRA, SEC and Treasury know this, but instead of enforcing the laws against this activity, they took a conservatorship of the GSEs, which they knew or should have known …”


Everyone must read this document, which was taken down by SEC. It will explain the fuckery which is ongoing with GME. This document is directly related to 2008 market crash!

I looked this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/tdgo9i/nscc_where_ftds_are_discovered_exclearing_how/

There was mentioned these documents:



which are taken down by the SEC.

EDIT 2: Links working now. But reference links does not. Anyway, the content of the documents is pure dynamite…

I found archived versions from web archive



https://web.archive.org/web/20211020192615/https://www.sec.gov/comments/s7-08-09/s70809-407a.pdf explains what was going on with counterfeited shares ie. naked shorts when market crashed on 2008. All god tier DD’s made by apes are talking about these things mentioned in PDFs SO 2008 FUCKERIES ARE STILL GOING ON STRONG!!!

Read and learn, read and learn…

BTW. someone has taken down also the references mentioned in s70809-407a.pdf and covering up this shit!



Oh boy! This is NUCLEAR… straight from the SEC’s document!!!!


Certain market participants, trading illegally, appear to be making a concerted effort to take down some of the most important financial institutions in the United States. Who would counterfeit shares of these vital U.S. institutions to cause their financial collapse without regard for the U.S. citizens? It is not possible to carry out this massive fraud without the cooperation of large WallStreet firms and regulatory complicity, indifference or lack of competence. Some firms are blatantly selling shares that do not exist.

**It is impossible to ward off the downward price pressure from counterfeit shares diluting a company‘s value. The entire nation‘s value is diminished when the counterfeiting of securities is rampant.**Simply put, this is a defining moment in the history of the financial strength of the United States. Other than home ownership assets, the largest U.S. household assets are tied to the stock market through retirement accounts. If counterfeiting continues, investment and retirement accounts will be backed by nothing but counterfeit shares, which they may already be holding insubstantial amounts.To conceal the fraud perpetrated on the retirement accounts is simple, manipulate the markets to crash. The money previously plundered from these accounts remain in the hands of the counterfeiters and the statements sent by the Wall Street firms to retirement investors will reflect a crashed market value of their assets, i.e., you lost your retirement savings.The counterfeiting of U.S. traded securities is nothing less than a fraud of epic proportions. As with **other illegal stock market activity, offshore shell companies are a likely depository of the ill-gotten gains.**While U.S. citizens would like to trust that government regulators are putting the citizens first and protecting investors, this may not be the case. The ownership and trading irregularities in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac discussed above, seem so obvious, that surely our government would have taken the steps necessary to protect investors in these very important financial institutions from fraud in the market. Unfortunately, the facts do not support that the government did enforce the securities laws against fraud and market manipulation.It is necessary for the United States to do everything within its power to recover the enormous amount of monies that have been plundered from this country and its citizens. Bring the few illegal dealers responsible for counterfeiting stock to justice in order to assure that this United States economic disaster will never repeat itself. There is simply too much at stake to do otherwise

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