UIUX :: The Scratchpad App


There is only one page. It has two components: authentication and the scratchpad. This is mobile only, there is no desktop version.

# Authentication

The authentication component has several states:
* not logged in
* logging in
* forgot password
* registering
* [fb login] – empty
* logged in

When not logged in, the component shows three buttons: [Come in with Facebook], [Login with Email], [Register with Email].

When logging in, the component has inputs: [email], [password]. link [Forgot?], button [Login]

When forgot password, the component has input: [email] and button: [Recover Password]

When registering, the component has inputs: [email], [password], [re-enter password] and button: [Register]

when [fb login], the app delegates control to facebook, so there is no UI for this state, nothing to be done here.

when logged in, the component displays the email, and has button [Logout]

# Scratchpad

The scratchpad component has two elements: a textarea and a button [Save] The button blinks (transitions states ACTIVE -> INACTIVE -> ACTIVE) upon clicking.

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