Did MOASS start? Do you see phone numbers for ticker price? No? Then where are my DRS posts? Remember: until MOASS starts, NOTHING BUT DRS MATTERS!!


Too many times on some silly rallies that happen for no known reason apes tend to slack off and start celebrating too early.

I don’t care what the charts look like, what the halts look like, what someone said on the news.

I don’t care if you bought through robingthehood or fudelity, if you routed it through the dark pools or IEX.

Do you know why? Because they’re all the same, and nothing makes a difference until you DRS.

Your $10k purchase doesn’t mean anything unless you’re locking those shares away by DRS.

Your wife’s bf’s money doesn’t do anything if the shares are still being lent out.

DRS your shares. That’s all that matters until proven otherwise.

I’d rather upvote DRS posts with 1 share than your 100 share purchase that is still being lent out. “Oh but I’ll DRS later.” Like I said: until you actually do, it does not matter.

Show me your purple circles.


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