exain.gamestop.com – potentially HUGE

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First of all, thanks to u/moneymotivated711 for helping to connect the dots here.

Yesterday (July 29th) a new subdomain was created on Gamestop’s website (exain.gamestop.com).

This subdomain doesn’t load a live page. We see this every time Gamestop integrates new software such as tableau.gamestop.com (data visualization tool that their data analysts in-house will use). So what is Exain?

Well more info about Exain (now called Fyblo) can be found at exain.io (which redirects to fyblo.com)

” Fyblo simplifies investor-business relationships through blockchain

We help startups and SMEs to tokenize their Strumenti Finanziari Partecipativi and other assets”

Strumenti Finanziari Partecipativi translates to “financial instruments” in Italian. TOKENIZE FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS? Sounds like we might have 2 options…

r/Superstonk - Hold or HODL? exain.gamestop.com - potentially HUGE

Some more confirmation that Exain did rebrand to Fyblo can be found on the CEO’s LinkedIn page:

r/Superstonk - Hold or HODL? exain.gamestop.com - potentially HUGE

It seems like Exain rebranded to Fyblo but their API still refers to their software as Exain, and now GameStop is integrating it.

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