Wacom lags on mac (bluetooth issue) (fixed)

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I spent way too much time on this not to share the solution. : ) You can find the tl;dr at the bottom.

The problem appeared to be a lag, but since none of my components are top of the line, I wasn’t sure where exactly the problem was. Was it the Intuos tablet, or something else? I suspected the software, Krita, and spent some time tinkering with it, configuring caching, and adjusting rendering configuration. That didn’t help.

I thought of replacing Krita, but the issue of lag would manifest regardless of where on screen I would draw: be it in the pixlr online editor, or even pretending that a firefox blank page is a canvas. The lag was still there.

To reproduce the problem, perform the following calibration routine. In a small 4×4 grid, attempt to draw a circle in each grid cell, and draw all 16 in quick succession. I noted that my tablet would lag, and only draw every other circle. The lag would swallow the input, but the lag would be gone by the next input, resulting in 50% missed input strokes.

I thought of abandoning bluetooth tablets completely for this matter, I thought of downgrading to a wired connection. I know gamers sometimes avoid bluetooth mice, because microsecond lags in bluetooth connection are noticeable in some FPS/TPS shooters. And since this would be a critical failure, I thought of abandoning Wacom entirely! If they can’t give me a tablet that works, I would be entitled to do so.

Anyway, and tl;dr. The problem was in the drivers, but reinstalling the latest driver ( WacomTablet_6.4.0-6 ) didn’t work. I’m running OX S Monterey, 12.4. Uninstalling all wacom software, and installing an old legacy driver worked. The legacy driver that worked was: WacomTablet_6.3.38-3

For your convenience, I’m also linking the file here: https://ish-gme.s3.amazonaws.com/WacomTablet_6.3.38-3.dmg

And with that, maybe both you and I will better enjoy our graphic design activities. Enjoy!

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  1. I am in the same situation, I have a Cintiq 22 2015 and an Intuos same date..
    The symptoms were the same, I was happy until the Mac update… I have Mac Pro 2105 full ram etc, monterrey 12.6.1

    I do the Wacom upgrade and this new interface appears, super pro, it recognizes the devices, etc… it pushes, it forces the upgrade… CRASH…

    All websites etc.

    I am 7 years old on 4 Wacom devices, 2 in this Mac and 2 on another.
    A mess… however I assume it’s Mac.
    Under the WacomTablet_6.4.0-6….it works fine until at a certain point, the pointer freezes, but if you unplug the Intuos, you have Cintiq or mouse… Sure it’s the Driver..

    Now when reading this post, I reinstalled the WacomTablet_6.4.0-5 driver, checking my intuos, the battery was already bulging, bad.
    I changed it, I always buy the whole kit, it worked.

    Now I removed it and now only by cable.

    Of course, at each step, respective reset.

    and as I write this, keyboard speed has dropped to Mac 512 levels.. flickers appear on all 3 of my screens.. memory is still unaffected, (RAM) but performance is lousy.

    DOWNGRADE DRIVER FROM WacomTablet_6.4.0-6 to WacomTablet_6.4.0-5?
    TRY WITH THE WacomTablet_6.4.0-6 and din BAT..

    It seems that from my perspective, INTUOS or the DRIVER assumes that the INTUOS should have a battery… (NOTE: I have Bluetooth OFF.

    It seems that some DRIVER processes do not understand the INTUOS.
    The perfect cintiq.. IT FREEZES THE SAME,,, but when disconnecting the INTUOS, it comes back to life just like the mouse… if the INTUOS is connected at any point of STRESS with the memory locks everything.

    SUMMARY: INTUOS NEW BATTERY… NO BATTERY… now works… but at some point the devices slow down, keyboard, mouse Cintiq Pen… freezes.

    Downgraded to WacomTablet_6.4.0-5..

    Definitely: It’s the Intuos… and the Driver… I just hope they’re not unfair and fraudulent practices by Wacom because I’m suing them.

    Hugs I hope it helps.

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