CM-Equity. FTX custodial partner for GME token. Worse than imagined.

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Credit to u/welp007 for forcing me to stumble upon this company when I realized they were the custodian for the “tokenized stock”

CM-Equity is likely a massive player in this whole situation and government likely aware.

So CM-Equity a non public company was custodian for these and didn’t report ownership (weird enough). Now let’s actually dig into what they own to see if there’s a pattern and…OH MY GOD.

This company runs the IT and security infrastructure of the US.

Companies they own

A-Tek Inc. – Scientific and IT consulting for defense, law enforcement, life sciences and healthcare

Janus Research Group – Combat capabilities and systems engineering solutions, Capability integrations and sustainment solutions, and mission and training solutions

Citizant – Smarter leaner solutions for Federal transformation and modernization

Solerity – mission to provide IT engineering and program management services to government agencies

Theys also own Graco Roberts (solvents for aerospace engineering.

The fact that the SAME company that was the custodial counterparty to GME tokenized security is also a massive government contractor who control IT infrastructure and security is a huge RED FLAG.

Whatever’s going on it’s a good bet the gov knew about it when that custodial agreement was signed.

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