201903 The Art of Pickup :: Homework

I can make up for bad style by coming up to someone, not necessarily gorgeous (but necessarily a female, with female genitalia) and initiating a conversation with her. Doesn’t matter what about. Let that be a homework (due date: today).

201903 The Art of Pickup

I want money and freedom… in order to do pursuit. To be in pursuit. But I’m already in pursuit. I just have to do it well.

There are two girls and a guy at starbucks, the girls are hot. They think I’m hot (you can tell by the eye contact, and they followed me to the seating area). What do I do? I walked away, changed seating area. And then I thought, hold on. So I came back to sit next to them. I’m not going to be distracted by them. I actually want to be around hot people. And I need a value proposition to engage people like that. So let’s go. They wanted to meet me. I can adapt the same pattern. They were in a group, and appeared available (the guy wasn’t a nobody, it was all about the girls.) I live in a great neighborhood, by the way. Next, I absolutely must talk to people like that. Expect it (I already do), then talk to them.

Coffee shops are in reality good leads places. Heh. And super cheap: free, in fact.

I guess, I shouldn’t hide anymore. I hid from the gorgeous girl at starbucks with my headphones. I should not have done that. If I don’t hide, I can have this challenge.

I can make up for bad style by coming up to someone, not necessarily gorgeous (but necessarily a female, with female genitalia) and initiating a conversation with her. Doesn’t matter what about. Let that be a homework (due date: today).

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Didn’t I decide on one of my trips what I want, what I’m doing? I’m pursuing the best of the best, 10/10, preferably with keeping track of that on social networks, video libraries, and the like.

What do I need in order to feel great? I need to go to gym every day-ish. I need to feel strong. I also need to have good facial hair and be dressed well. I need to have money in my pocket – I can’t be stressed. I need to feel free.

How to use tinder

Since recruiting and dating is so similar, I would like to discuss dating methodologies, with the intent of drawing correlations between them and the methodologies in recruitment.

tinder works okay sometimes, and not okay some other times. Tinder is in active development, so its being optimized for being a better tool for meeting people. Tinder subscription cost depends on where you sign up. Sign up for it while youre on vacation in Brasil, and it will cost you 10 times less than if you do it in usa.

tinder works well for gorgeous promiscuous women. An average guy in denver or san jose may be disadvantaged on the platform. Diminishing returns play a role here: top 1% attractive people get absolutely most of the action. So an average guy doesnt get any.

Tinder works great abroad, when traveling, for meeting local girls. That is how i use it. I do not use it in usa, its a waste of my time.

lets discuss the basic strategy for using tinder in usa for an average guy. Since its a waste of time, lets focus on speed optimization. Dont look at peoples pictures, that will only make you feel bad. Instead, swipe right like 20-30 times, without looking, and put the app away. If you match with an ugly chick or a trans, no worries, unmatch them. The idea is to just get the people who like you. Make them come to you, do not come to them. Tinder will say if there is anyone who likes you. If there is, swipe right until you find them. If there isnt, dont waste your time, go check reddit or whatever. Once you get a match, proceed.

say hello. Literally: hello! Dont waste your time thinking of an opening line. If she doesnt respond in 1 day, unmatch her. Dont waste your time. If she replies, pick one topic and talk about it. “What do you do for fun?” “What city are you in?” “How long have you lived in the area?” “The second pic is in Italy, i recognize the place!” – whatever. Talk about that briefly until youre bored, which is minimal time.

the next idea is to get a date as quickly as possible. Dont waste your time. After the 1st topic is done, assuming she replies, tell her “do you wanna grab coffee?” If you have a better date idea, all the better! Movie, museum, go-kart racing, any event you wanted to go to. Schedule the meeting, say “whats your phone number?” And be on your way to meet her.

this tutorial ends at the meeting step. If you meet her, thats a successful tinder interaction.

if she doesnt respond to your message for a day, unmatch her. This will unmatch 90% of the people, and that is fine. You can probably schedule a date within 24 hours of matching. If not – unmatch her, do not waste your time.

this strategy should occupy you for about 15-30min daily, and result in some dates. If not – abandon tinder. Use Coffee Meets Bagel, its a better daring app.

do not elaborate on your tinder profile! One sentnce description. One good picture. Thats all you need to match with people.