On Rule SR-DTC-2021-005

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Just a quick note: rule SR-DTC-2021-005 is nothing. It’s in effect as of last month, and changed nothing. It’s only a clarification of status quo and not a change in any way.

As another reminder, market makers are allowed to naked short stock in the event of illiquidity, as we have seen in the markets recently. That is legal.

Predatory naked shorting and driving companies into bankruptcy with death spiral lending is another thing.  But from the point of view of current regulations and laws, everything is gucci.

Gamestop price cannot be kept under $200 forever, but it might take years to enact the digital transformation they are seeking. Positive news, beating earnings hasn’t changed the price significantly or positively. Unless the laws change, I think we’re looking at a horizon of several years for Gamestop to implement their NFT platform, to truly impact change.

By the way, Their NFT token launched! That happened 3 days ago, and there was no news of it from Gamestop themselves, nor from any main stream media (MSM). The launched contract was effectively a “hello world” program.

Time will tell. For now though, my motto is: do not use margin, do not use leverage, and do something productive with your time. That is all.

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