Illustration: construct 0 (Begin)


(items in bold are clickable items on the map)

Need a graphic artist to draw several locations for a game. For this request, I have a sketch of one location attached, and I’d like it to be drawn better. In the first sentence of your response, please answer the following: what’s 25/10+4? Please provide a link to your portfolio.

Each element should be in its own layer so that I can hide them. This is a moon station, so the setting is space / moon. We’re standing in the hall, and the ceiling panels are transparent so that you can see the starry sky above.¬†At the vanishing point, there is a wall full of transparent panels, overseeing an ocean.

  • On the left, there are two parking spots, the closest to use is occupied with a large 3D printer that can print a vehicle.
  • The other spot is occupied with a hover vehicle.
  • On the right, there is a door to the equipment room.
  • In the sky above, there is earth. Clicking on it would take you to a different location.

So, a lot of what I currently need is sketches of places and characters, to help me figure out what goes where, not necessarily full versions of the places and characters.

For example, one of the characters is an intelligent cloud. It has to be volumetric (it *may* be rendered in 3D, this project may be a combination of 2D and 3D), it has to be semi-transparent and have some kind of sensors “on the front”, something that looks like eyeballs or sunglasses. (eyeballs if the theme is organic, sunglasses if the theme is more machinist/technological sci-fi). How would you approach designing this character?

There are two locations that I currently need, both are on the moon (so, light on dark theme). And this is an interactive game of sorts, so some items are clickable. One location is a hallway with the following items: 1. a hover car parked on the left, 2. an industrial 3d printer that can print another hovercar, into the parking lot adjacent to the first hovercar.

On the right: 1. a door (actionable, so it glows red) to the inventory closet

up ahead, the hallway leads to a large hall with a glass dome. We can see a lunar landscape and dark sky above. There is 1. earth in the sky, clickable item. It’s visible from the hallway were we stand.

How would you design this scene?

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