2021-11 GuydMe/InfiniteShelter Dailies

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  • Worked on Microsites3 manager today


  • Worked on the physics engine (collisions)


  • Posted the task to convert skybox to a textured sphere (for better movement)
  • Posted the task to copy-paste TouchControl


  • Equirectangular2 looks okay
  • moved forward with the oscillating camera problem


  • Wired Equirectangular map_panel_type
  • Started wiring ThreeV4 map type, and gameui-obj marker type.


  • Considered fabricjs. Decided will not implement.


  • Started adding functionality to have nonpublic, shared markers and locations. And deployed the MVP of this functionality.
  • The map of WasyaCo reception is too big to load (>100Mb), so gave the designer the task to make is 80% smaller.


  • Posted a job ad for a js game developer
  • give access to map/marker management to contractors (managers) in backend
  • Bugfixes


  • Wired a super basic collision systed into 3D canvas: can no longer walk thru buildings, but *a lot* of improvement is needed
  • Fixed some critical mobile issues, but *a lot* of improvement is needed
  • Continuing working on graphics for scenes

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