A true cult has power imbalances and a leader whose charisma and powers of persuasion compel followers to surrender their capacity for critical thinking and to mindlessly follow the dictates of that leader. MSM and its viewership are the cult.

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Through the psychological lens it’s not surprising that we’re being accused by MSM of being a cult. This is called projection. It’s a phenomenon where we place that which we can’t or won’t accept in ourselves onto the people and entities around us.

MSM is the cult leader, their viewers are the followers. Neither the leader nor the followers are willing in the case of the leader or able in the case of the followers to accept that truth. But the brainwashing tactics of the leaders and brainless obedience of the followers to the dictates of the leader, along with the underlying goal of benefiting the leaders at the expense of the followers, are all you need to observe to know where the cult really is situated.

Any group that encourages critical thinking, that self-polices, that delves deeper and deeper into all aspects of whatever its subject of interest is, is not a cult but rather a community that has moved through all stages of development – forming, storming, norming, and finally performing. It’s the definition of a healthy group.

That’s what we have here at Superstonk and that’s why the powers and their MSM puppets hate us so. We’re not drinking the kool-aid.

So all they have left to do is what all authoritarians do. Accuse those they’re oppressing of the very thing they themselves are guilty of.

From the outside some of the behaviors and ‘rituals’ of our online group might appear cultish simply because we’ve gone through the vital stage of ‘norming’ where unwritten rules for behavior are enacted and more or less agreed upon. Every group has different norms. Any time we find ourselves in a country, culture, or group different from our own we’ll at first perceive it as alien from what we know and are used to. But this foreign feeling does not necessarily make the group unhealthy or a cult.

A healthy community is one where all members are encouraged to learn and grow, where speaking one’s personal opinion is not frowned upon but embraced. An unhealthy community is authoritarian, where power imbalances exist and are exploited by leaders and members higher up the chain of command for their own personal gain. Followers don’t know they’re being exploited.

A cult is authoritarian. The true cult is MSM and its brainwashed followers.

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