201903 The Art of Pickup :: Homework

I can make up for bad style by coming up to someone, not necessarily gorgeous (but necessarily a female, with female genitalia) and initiating a conversation with her. Doesn’t matter what about. Let that be a homework (due date: today).

201903 The Art of Pickup

I want money and freedom… in order to do pursuit. To be in pursuit. But I’m already in pursuit. I just have to do it well.

There are two girls and a guy at starbucks, the girls are hot. They think I’m hot (you can tell by the eye contact, and they followed me to the seating area). What do I do? I walked away, changed seating area. And then I thought, hold on. So I came back to sit next to them. I’m not going to be distracted by them. I actually want to be around hot people. And I need a value proposition to engage people like that. So let’s go. They wanted to meet me. I can adapt the same pattern. They were in a group, and appeared available (the guy wasn’t a nobody, it was all about the girls.) I live in a great neighborhood, by the way. Next, I absolutely must talk to people like that. Expect it (I already do), then talk to them.

Coffee shops are in reality good leads places. Heh. And super cheap: free, in fact.

I guess, I shouldn’t hide anymore. I hid from the gorgeous girl at starbucks with my headphones. I should not have done that. If I don’t hide, I can have this challenge.

I can make up for bad style by coming up to someone, not necessarily gorgeous (but necessarily a female, with female genitalia) and initiating a conversation with her. Doesn’t matter what about. Let that be a homework (due date: today).

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Didn’t I decide on one of my trips what I want, what I’m doing? I’m pursuing the best of the best, 10/10, preferably with keeping track of that on social networks, video libraries, and the like.

What do I need in order to feel great? I need to go to gym every day-ish. I need to feel strong. I also need to have good facial hair and be dressed well. I need to have money in my pocket – I can’t be stressed. I need to feel free.

201903 Dear Diary

My stuff is disappearing. With the disappearance of Tinder, I’m less enthusiastic about a whole lot of things. And I know it’s a marginal case: I only need in in Latin America. But still, I’m taking a lot of steps to re-gain that social network.

I’m happy because my laptop functions well, my fingers work well, I can see, I’m breathing well and my heart isn’t failing. And I’ll be drinking a lot of banana shakes, so maybe my potassium will be good as well. And my finger is actually improving. And I sleep relatively well. I’m only distracted b/c I need my girl with me.

No Todo lists

They just get in the way. It’s nice to have them, for a few months if you are struggling to get anything done, but after that let’s just abandon them. If it takes 5 minutes to write down what to do, and 15 minutes to do it – don’t even write it down, just do it. The habit should be to do, not to manage/schedule.

20190110 Market Update

  • Trade was with China is resolving favorably, implying a short-term rally
  • The guv’t shutdown can’t last forever, and when it ends, stocks expect to rebound. Stocks may even rebound earlier.
  • Brexit is a short-term and long-term downward pressure on UK and Europe. It shouldn’t have negative long-term effect on US stocks, although short-term volatility drives the prices down.
  • Overall, I’m optimistic today that the December slump will not continue. Now is a good time to buy something.
  • Take a look at NVDA, AMZN.

Good-Bye, Google

How I am planning on controlling the products and services I use more strictly.

Relatively I’ve gotten a new phone, a moto x4, and since I’m on Project Fi (by Google), this phone ended up being a Google phone, too. I only really got it for one reason: it has a dual rear camera, allowing me to take nicer pics. I can use that, for my Instagram. However! After 3 or so months of using it, I have to say I’m ready to give it up, and finally switch to an iPhone.

Now, why? The short answer is that I really really don’t like the Google assistant. It tells me when I get home, it tells me when my credit card is due, it knows everything about me. My photos are backed up (poorly) on Google cloud – so I can neither get them back easily, nor have any reasonable privacy. And I use google way too much. It has all my data and when I type in a search query in Chrome, it auto-completes it for me, so very often instead of searching for what I want I search for something else – the nearest-popular autocompleted sentence. I don’t feel comfortable with that at all.

Now, Google will still have my data, and true privacy is impossible to achieve. But I should make a conscious choice to at least attempt to mitigate the risk and the problem of privacy. Just look at how much trouble Google+ has been, or how much trouble Facebook has been! Oh, I quit Facebook quite a while ago, I have an account but I don’t rely on it for communication or any part of my social life. However, real tools like the email, calendar, and the physical sellphone are harder to own as private.

Another reason for me to dislike google is that they charged me $1800 according to some 5-year-old contract, because someone used some API keys that were under my name. I’m still recovering these monies, actually. Obviously nobody reads the contracts they sign, but also – let’s sign fewer contracts, and let’s actually avoid unnecessarily giving away control.

In general, I don’t feel comfortable how pervasive Google’s services are. I want to use it less, not more. So I’m in the slow, gradual process of abandoning google services. I feel that email may be the hardest to abandon.

5 ways of finding a career match

To correct what I’ve said yesterday, the 5 ways of finding a career match are:
* live fit (career choices, location, compensation, company size)
* technology fit (candidate’s skills align and candidate has the necessary skills)
* cultural fit (candidate’s acceptance of the company’s management style, situational judgement test, personality test)
* personal fit (do I want to work with him? does he want to work in this team?)
* other factors (a blanket category for red flags and whatever you cannot disclose)