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Covid Death Jab: a Review


tl;dr: good news at the end.

The following information does not constitute medical advice and is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.

An eye-opening book for me has been The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F Kennedy Jr. In this book, RFK makes several very bold statements about how the sick industry operates, and how the mass hysteria methos have been used (by Fauci) previously when dealing with other public health emergencies, notably the HIV/AIDS "epidemic". The book says that the health scare is not a new tactic, it's actually a proven one. And that there has been several instances of governmet-manufactured appearances of epidemics. I won't recite the book here, only recommend it as very thought-inspiring and useful. Read if specifically for an analysis of the HIV/AIDS "epidemic".


~ * ~ * ~ * ~

You say the death jab isn't going to kill us, but I am not so sure about that. Some scientists literally refer to it as an extinction-level event. Let me link several resources here that are relevant, scary, and censored. For many including myself, it is unbelievable how deep this problem goes, how much equity nation-states have in this corruption, and the extend of inclusiveness of this criminality. This level of atrocity cannot be achieved by a single corporation (e.g. Pfizer), it is truly on globalist agenda, requiring a joint effort of military-industrial and medical-industrial complexes across all major sovereign nation-states. I'm personally terrified.

The jab was never "safe and effective". It was never checked for safety (it didn't need to, according to the emergency authorization), so the statement of safety was an outright lie. The fact that every manufacturer was shielded from all civil litigation, forever, is indicative of the lack of safety. And only relative, not absolute efficacy was evaluated in trials. The jab is not some medicine against covid, it's something entirely different (a bioweapon), and it was never meant to be effective against the covid virus. More on this:

The evidence is overwhelming that the virus is man-made:

Now the scary stuff that's hard to believe if true.

The rubbery clots, a new pathology(!) never before seen, has been observed ever since the jab was rolled out:

Electron spectrometry analyses of the jab show atomic contents: carbon, silicon, oxygen, and metals: magnesium. Lack of nitrogen and phosphorous means that there is no spike protein, and no mRNA in the jab.    

But also, mRNA has been found in some jabs, so batches were different and some batches did contain mRNA. Source video:

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Now, more statistics. Excess overall mortality has not decreased after the "pandemic" was "over". In fact, people are dying more than ever.

Dr John Campbell refers to the following platform. They are shutting down(?) this reporting platform but it shows, around the world excess mortality is at around 10% above 5-yr average:  and continues being elevated. More people have died from this pandemic than from a world war. In UK, more civilians died from covid than during WWII. In USA, the death toll is equivalent to 11 Vietnam wars. Where is the public outrage?

Now the conspiracy theory part. Dr Ana Mihalcea says, the jab contained self-assembling nano-technology, that has nothing to do with the covid virus:  

And she has been very vocal, in her limited, censured way, about this. Well, I don't have an electron spectrometer (or a sample of the jab) and I don't have a dark-field microscope, but I can search youtube for life blood videos, and sort them by date. If this is as prevalent as she claims (i.e. everywhere), then I should be able to see it in everyone's blood samples, right? Well, would you believe it, 3 weeks ago someone uploaded this:  timestamp 4:37 

Does that thing look like it belongs in the blood? I asked on reddit and they said, it's basically a white blood cell. You can actually see 3 white blood sells in the screenshot, to compare. The video author says it's a "symplast". Sorry, symplast is a term in botany, it pertains to plants and not to animals. There are no symplasts in blood.

Less interestingly, I asked about a "structure" that a different uploader has posted (  timestamp 18:34 ), and on reddit they basically said its debris. To me it looks like Dr Mihalcea's quantum dots. I'm adding this one here to show, that out of two life blood videos I looked at, both showed unexpected "strutures" in the blood.

By the way, as of last week, posting ^ the above in France would land me in jail for 3 years:  not because the jab is safe, but because it's a bioweapon and the warfare necessitates censorship.

Self-assembling nano-particles have been around for a while. Many of the bibliography resources here are over 10 years old: "Nanoscale Self-Assembly for Therapeutic Delivery" 

Maybe it's the advances in AI, particularly gpt, that made this possible on industrial scale?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Now, the good news. Of course, I'm spending valuable time looking into this not because I like horror movies (lol, I avoid horror movies b/c I am terrified enough in real life), but to find meeaningful steps forward, and possible actions that can be taken.

Geopolitical preparation such as purchase and skill-increase in usage of arms, increasing energy capacity, stockpiling foodstuffs, medical supplies, energy, ammunition and other critical supplies is outside the scope of the current discussion.

There is a specific synthetic molecule, EDTA ( Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid ) that is used for metal detoxification, particularly lead poisoning, that Dr. Mihalcea claims is very relevant in this case.  She says EDTA, which makes metals soluble and flushable, can help remove graphene structures and other toxins from blood. EDTA is FDA-approved to treat lead poisoning and brain damage, great (reference:  ) and is available without prescription as transdermal cream.

Secondly, she describes Methylene Blue as a powerful detoxing agent. It's FDA-approved, has been used as a placebo, and is used to increase blood's capacity to transport oxygen, if I understand correctly.

Thirdly, it is important to take care of one's own body, strictly control the diet, and limit toxins that we intake. Incidence of diabetes, cancer, and other deceases continues to increase not because we live in healthy environments! Diet control shall be subject of a separate discussion, but let's just say that we are what we eat, and refined sugar does not help us, at all. Sugars, salts, processed grains, and vegetable oils should be eliminated from the diet.

Fourthly, additional natural dietary supplements may be useful in increasing health and immunity:    
* lots of vitamin C    
* vitamins D, B complex, K complex    
* NAC ( N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine )

Specifically against the covid spike protein:    
* zinc + hydroxychloroquine    
* Ivermectin    
* Nattokinase    
* curcumin

I have a longer list of useful natural herbs. Rumor has it that no natural supplements can ever be "approved" by FDA because they are not patentable, therefore not profitable for the sick care industry. I only focus on "free and open" natural remedies that do not carry patents.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

In conclusion, I hope the reader finds this article useful and thought-provoking. I am not sure what is true anymore, I cannot prove or disprove what's written above, but what I see is concerning enough to be taken seriously. A discussion on all of the above is most welcome.


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