2023-01-07 Site Updates

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Introducing print style of editions. Going forward I’ll try to make every edition look good when printed, and have a page that looks good in black and white, not too lengthy, and doesn’t have too many pictures. Printing pictures consumes a lot of ink.

Obviously, absolutely everything is under construction, including pages in production. But I think I’m making good progress. This is also the fastest way to iterate: just make changes, and push them live. None of that two-week deployment cycle that gets stuck, and a month later, you still haven’t deployed your work for whatever reason. Only large enterprises can afford that, I can’t.

In any case, the “issue navigator” on the top gains (P) links, which are the links to printable pages. Or pages that will eventually be printable and good-looking.

On a side note, dealing with wordpress sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out (if I have any), and I can’t believe that a third of the internet runs on it.

Of course, I’d like to end this monologue on a bright note, so here is a picture of… please welcome… Capt’n Bootstraps!

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