FT.com: A little ETF rule change that could make a big difference

Directly relevant to $GME. The mechanisms of ETFs (particularly XRT) are used for naked short selling, and the public has no visibility into it at all. Thanks SEC!

From: https://www.ft.com/content/a9d04b8a-feea-4e4a-8bb8-d7681b8bcc52

In overturning the proposal it does lead us to wonder whose interests the SEC really ended up representing?

And so we find ourselves in a situation where the SEC’s new rule will allow APs and ETF managers to mess around with deliverable/redeemable basket compositions like never before. And yet, the chances of analysts or media spotting any potential correlation, tracking or liquidity mismatch issues that arise from this freedom to deviate are less than slim, because none of that data is any easier to obtain by the public.


Indeed – no official announcement, and the source reporting is CNBC which everyone knows is a bunch of clowns in HFS’s pockets. Timestamps also don’t make sense: the stock ripped 20 minutes before the article was released. It’s been known for months that Gamestop is working on NFT offerings, as soon as subdomain nft.gamestop.com was up, apes knew it.